How you can help

With your support, Monash University will be able to ensure an expert international team of high-calibre archaeologists, geomorphologists and biogeographers can focus on this project with local community members for the years to come. At the same time we will be encouraging the next generation of scientists to build on their collective knowledge.

All donations are tax deductible

Our major donors, sponsors and benefactors will be recognized on the Connecting Country home page.

Your support will help the team make ground-breaking discoveries in this vast, unknown landscape rich in Jawoyn’s deep ancestral history. You can support the work of Connecting Country by becoming:

A Business Sponsor

A significant one-off donation or an annual donation for an agreed period helps us to fund substantial research projects that require significant equipment, travel and time.  Tax deductibility should apply.

A Philanthropic Donor

Philanthropic bodies have contributed substantially to Monash University to date.  There is excellent alignment between Connecting Country’s research and communication aims, and those of many philanthropic programs.

An Individual Patron

A one-off donation of $5000 or more, or an annual donation of $5000 a year over an agreed period provides invaluable funding and support for community exchange programmes, our students, our project work, and collaboration with world-wide research organisations.

A Friend of Connecting Country

One-off discretionary donations are greatly appreciated and valued. Your support is vital to our continued success.

In addition, Connecting Country greatly appreciates one-off sponsorship for specific research projects.

Philanthropic support is vital to the progress of Connecting Country.

To find out more about helping Connecting Country please contact:

Melinda Maskiell

Philanthropic Relations Director – Faculty of Arts Advancement
Monash University
Tel: +61 3 9903 1607