Dr Bruno David

Bruno has been working on collaborative cultural history projects with Indigenous communities in northern Australia and Papua New Guinea since the 1980s.  He has broad-ranging interests on the deep and more recent archaeological history of Aboriginal Australia and has been prolific in publishing on Indigenous archaeology.  His role in Connecting Country is to ensure the standardisation and scientific integrity of the research, the prompt presentation of results to the Jawoyn Association, to maintain regular contact with the Association and to ensure that all appropriate cultural and scientific protocols are followed at the highest standard by all the scientific project participants.

Bruno has been charged by the Jawoyn Association to assemble a team of world-class scientists to undertake the research for Connecting Country. He will direct archaeological excavations at a number of sites and analyse excavated materials from those sites. He is in contact with the Jawoyn Association’s Cultural and Environment Manager at least once a week year-round.

Bruno is one of Australia’s most active research archaeologists. He has directed archaeological excavations and rock art research projects in Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Mexico (U.S.A.) and Vanuatu. In 2007 he was awarded The Bruce Veitch Award for Excellence in Indigenous Engagement at the Australian Archaeological Association, Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists, Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, and The Australian Association for Maritime History combined conference, representing Australia’s peak archaeology bodies. He was lead author of the paper that won the Antiquity Prize from the international (U.K.-based) archaeology journal Antiquity for best article of 1994, archaeologically exploring the history of the Dreaming of Aboriginal Australia.

Bruno has published some 300 scientific and popular articles and 10 books relating to Indigenous archaeology, and was asked by the World Archaeological Congress (WAC) to edit the inaugural volume of the WAC Research Handbooks in Archaeology series, the Handbook of Landscape Archaeology (2008, edited by Bruno David and Julian Thomas, published by Left Coast Press in the U.S.A.).

Bruno’s publications include:


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