Professor Jean-Michel Geneste

Jean-Michel is from the Université de Bordeaux 1 and for more than 25 years has focused research on Palaeolithic sites in France. He manages the primary national rock art research laboratory in France – the Centre National de Préhistoire – whose major focus is the study of rock art recording, mapping, related archaeological deposits and site management.

Jean-Michel has coordinated numerous large archaeological and multi-disciplinary research programmes in France, Ukraine, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and Australia. In France he directs the Chauvet Cave International Research Programme, which since 2002 has involved 10 international universities, 14 laboratories and 35 researchers.

In his capacity as Director of such programs, he has nurtured to fruition hundreds of publications by individual researchers, and has been been solicited by numerous international bodies, such as UNESCO, ICOMOS, CAFA (China) and many others to advise on cultural historical and archaeological matters. In this capacity he has undertaken well over 100 international ‘expert missions’, and produced some 600 specialist reports (many of which are hundreds of pages long) for community groups, national government Ministers and institutions, NGOs and research organisations.

Jean-Michel has been awarded the highest professional scientific title for research in France, the ‘Habilitation a Diriger les Recherches’, and the highest and most prestigious professional award from the French Minister of Culture, the ‘Conservateur General du Patrimoine’. He is fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and brings the best specialist scholarly writings from each of these languages to Connecting Country.

His role with Connecting Country is to:

  • Study the material culture and stone artefacts of rock art sites;
  • Analyse social, organisational, technological and symbolic dimensions of past uses of rock art sites;
  • Construct a chronological framework for the human occupation of sites

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