Professor Hugues Plisson

Hugues is a research scientist at the Université de Bordeaux 1’s national organisation for academic and scientific research, the CNRS.  He has been employed as a full-time researcher since 1991 in the field of functional studies of items of material culture.

Hugues has spent many years compiling experimental reference libraries for tool use-wear and residue analysis (‘traceology’). Much of his research has focused on developing and applying methodologies by which to determine the function of fine-grained stone artefacts (e.g. chert, flint) in various archaeological contexts and in various parts of the world.

Hugues has co-ordinated numerous international collaborative scientific symposia and workshops on use-wear analyses in various countries including Belgium, France, Italy and Russia. Part of his research now focuses on digital technologies that improve such analyses. His work has been extensively cited internationally and he has received numerous awards for his scientific work.

Hugues has been invited to co-ordinate the professional development of numerous young French and international researchers developing their professional skills in use-wear and residue analyses through the analyses of reference (experimental, museum) and archaeological materials at the Universities of Paris 1 (Sorbonne), Paris 10 (Nanterre), Nice, and Aix-Marseille. He speaks and writes fluent English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, and incorporates the specialist scholarly writings from each of these languages in his research.