Dr Cassandra Rowe

Cassandra is a research staff member in the School of Geography and Environmental Science at Monash University. Her work bridges archaeology and palaeoecology, with particular interest in Quaternary landscape and vegetation dynamics across tropical monsoonal regions.

With field investigations currently being undertaken in Papua New Guinea, and in a range of locations across northern Australia, techniques such as palynology (including archaeological palynology) are being used to explore the complexity, heterogeneity and variability of savanna ecosystems. Simultaneously, she is examining biomass burning (fire ecology history) through charcoal analyses, and undertaking collaborative research on the development of climatic modelling (earth-system simulation) applications to scrutinise climatic interplays and influences on landscape change. Her primary research focuses on investigating palaeoecological sequences relating to archaeological projects so as to examine past human-environmental relationships.

Cassandra is involved in a range of projects concerning data syntheses, particularly the establishment of palynological database collections as research tools in palaeoecology. Cassandra is widely published and maintains collaborative project connections with the Queensland Museum, Australian National University and the University of Bristol (UK).